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Fast Food

Fast Food

Over 50 million Americans eat at fast food restaurants daily. That’s one and seven people. One out of three kids eat fast food every day. Not all fast food restaurants are the same. Some are better than others. Look for a restaurant that makes most of their food on the premises that way they’re less additives and preservatives in the food you’re eating.


The rates of obesity in adults and children have skyrocketed the last few years. There are many reasons for the increase in obesity rate. One of them is the popularity of eating out at fast food restaurants.


Portion sizes in foods and drinks have gotten larger. The average drink size used to be 12 ounces now it’s 20 oz. And with free refills on soft drinks readily available at most restaurants most people don’t realize the extra calories they’re drinking.

There are approximately 240 calories in a 20 oz regular soft drink. Most people will get a refill at least once. That’s 480 extra calories right there. Now you might say that there are no calories in a diet soda but, according to the Washington Post, there is new research showing that people are gaining weight especially around the belly from diet sodas*.

Portion sizes of food have gotten larger. Many have been super-sized. French fries, burgers, sandwiches, candy bars are few examples. Even salads have become larger. The vegetables in the salad don’t really add many calories but, when you put extra dressing to cover the whole salad extra calories add up quickly.

Eating Out

You can eat anywhere and still be healthy if you are aware of what you’re eating. Don’t go for the big sizes or split a sandwich or big salad with someone. Ask for extra virgin olive oil instead of dressing. I buy extra virgin olive oil packets to carry with me since not all restaurants have extra virgin olive oil. Drink water or make a spritzer with no calorie soda water and a little bit of soda. That will cut the calories way down. Save eating desserts for a special occasion.

Make french fries at home so you aren?t tempted to order them when you eat out. I make them at home with a copper crisper pan. It?s quick and easy.

Click here for the recipe for my Super Delicious Crispy French Fries recipe.

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