Basic Raw Foods

Going Back to Basics

Going Back to Basics

What does going back to basics mean? It means eating whole foods whenever possible. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits to get the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants your body needs. Antioxidants repair our damaged cells. If our cells don?t get repaired, it can lead to a range of diseases and causes signs of aging.

There are so many pre-packaged foods sitting on the shelves in the supermarket. Many of them are full of food colorings, additives, preservatives, and hydrogenated oils. Are all those added ingredients really necessary?? Probably not. Picked foods that have as little preservatives as possible.

It’s surprising to me how many extra ingredients are in some of the foods. Thankfully, there are some companies out there that contain all natural ingredients, no food coloring, no additives, no hydrogenated oil, and little or no preservatives. There are differences between products, so read the labels. Through the years some of the companies that make my favorite foods have changed the way they make their products. I have switched to other brands that have better ingredients.

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