Haute Living: Winter Wellness Trends According To The Haute Beauty Experts


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It seems as though our self-care focus takes a shift once we get into the colder months. Our skin routine changes, our diet changes and much of our physical activity, unfortunately, takes somewhat of a back seat. To get insight on wellness trends this season we talked to some of our top Haute Beauty anti-aging and wellness experts to learn more about their most requested procedures right now.

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Dr. Christine Bishara, Wellness expert, New York City

My most popular treatment in the winter is my facial rejuvenation and tightening procedure using the Morpheus 8 device.

Similar to a micro-needling pen, the Morpheus 8 Micro-needling/radiofrequency device creates micro-injuries in the skin that stimulate collagen production. Morpheus 8 can penetrate up to 4 mm below the dermis, compared to only 1mm with micro-needling pens. Combined with radiofrequency which exerts heat deep in the tissue and causes even more skin remodeling, i’s honestly the most powerful tool you can use for skin tightening and rejuvenation without going under the knife.

The winter is a great time to do this procedure since it also helps with hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure in the summer. Additionally, because the downtime is minimal and usually less than 24 hours, it’s a great procedure to do for the holidays to achieve glowing skin.

Dr. Raheleh Sarbaziha, Anti-Aging expert, Los Angeles

I have to say there are two popular winter wellness services/treatments that people desire most. Both for aiding in different personalized needs. The first would have to be our IV Drips! Between the multiple “Vitamin Cocktails” to choose from, our vitamin injections help to boost energy, metabolism and immunity, while also helping in sleep deprivation and deficiencies. The IV drip goes straight into the bloodstream. This bypasses the digestive system and allows the vitamin intake to be much more comfortable and efficient!

The second prominent treatment is Micro-needling! As the winter can cause cracked, chapped and dry skin, Micro-needling helps to add and keep your skin moisture locked in through a device with small needles, massaged around the top layer of skin. This increases collagen and helps restore cell growth to protect your outer layer of skin from sun and wind damage!

Dr. Rahi, Dr. Bishara, Penny Foskaris

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Penny Foskaris, Wellness expert, Los Angeles

Our most popular wellness service in the winter is RedLight Sculpting. Our clients love coming in for RedLight Sculpting sessions. It’s one of the fastest non-invasive ways to lose fat and reduce the wrinkles on their face and body all at the same time. They leave the office feeling rejuvenated and energized. Red and near-infrared therapy have been proven to target fat cells, harmlessly shrinking them while releasing their contents into the surrounding tissue. Also, the lights have the unique ability to increase the production of collagen and elastin in the body, resulting in a slimmer and more youthful look. Our device has over 10,000 LED lights (6,500 red lights and 3,500 infrared lights)



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