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Full-Body RedLight Sculpting bed in use

Full-Body RedLight Sculpting™ Bed

Now you can lay down for just 12 minutes and turn back the hands of time! This new device bathes your whole body in rejuvenating red light to tighten skin and contour your body!

Amped Muscle Sculpting

Tone your muscles and get the body that you want WITHOUT spending hours at the gym!

RedLight Sculpting System

RedLight Sculpting™ Body Contouring

We use up to six large pads full of infrared and red lights to “melt” your fat and tighten the skin with zero pain. Lose up to 8 pounds of fat in five days.

Red Light Face Tightening

We use Infrared and red lights to tighten the skin. Zero down time. Come relax for 20 minutes while the lights do the work. Results in as little as 2 weeks

Food Sensitivities Scan

We measure your body’s response to 400+ food items for the purpose of identifying any potential food sensitivities. Possible signs Headaches ~ Tiredness ~ Indigestion ~ Heartburn

Discover your optimal diet using DNA​

Find out what works for your body. You will know how many carbohydrates, proteins, and fats you need to be successful at weight loss Or weight gain

InBody® 570 Body Composition Analysis

We use the InBody 570 to accurately calculate your body’s fat percentage, lean muscle mass, water and weight.

Infrared Sauna

Need a full body rejuvenator that will leave you feeling refreshed? Come in a for a session on our personal infrared sauna.

get PSIO at Foskaris Wellness

PSiO™ Relaxation Therapy

Relieve stress in as little as 15 minutes. Can’t sleep? Are you stressed? Depressed? Overwhelmed? Suffer from PTSD? SAD? We can help.

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