Health Coaching

with Penny Foskaris

Benefits of health coaching

Change is often difficult, even when it’s something we really want. Sometimes it even feels downright impossible. The benefit of health coaching is having someone in your corner to help you through it, and research shows it works.

One study found that people who went through three months of health coaching significantly improved:

  • Blood pressure.
  • Cholesterol.
  • Glucose (blood sugar).
  • Triglycerides (blood fat).
  • Body weight.
  • Cardiovascular fitness.

A health coach can help when you feel like nothing you’ve done on your own has worked. Or give you a boost if you’re feeling overwhelmed, discouraged or like you don’t have enough time.

“Often, a person might leave a doctor’s appointment and feel discouraged. Like, ‘Gosh, I have to lose all this weight,’ or ‘Now I have all these things I have to do,’” says Coates. “A health coach can help people see they have strengths they can use to start making changes. We help them see the possibilities based on their unique situation and abilities so that it’s simpler and easier to make sustainable changes.”

A health coach also provides:

  • Accountability: Knowing that you have to check in with another person about your progress can give you the push you need to move forward.
  • Encouragement: Health coaches act as cheerleaders to pick you up when you’re having a not-so-good day.
  • Unconditional support: A health coach doesn’t judge your actions. They help you come to your own conclusions about what works and what doesn’t in reaching your goals.

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