PEMF Crystal Mat

Longevity RX Crystal PEMF Mat

The LRX Crystal Far Infrared PEMF Mat 75”x31” harnesses all of the key technologies including PEMF Therapy, Infrared Heat Therapy with 7 natural crystals, and Tens Therapy. At a size of approximately 75″x 31” this mat is big enough for almost anyone to lie down on comfortably; additionally, it’s the perfect size to fit on a massage table. You can feel the difference quickly as changes occur deep inside you. Laying on the mat can help relieve back pain, reduce inflammation and improve circulation in the body. From sleeping better and soothing negative thoughts, virtually any challenge the body struggles with can be improved by balancing the chakras.

  • LRX Crystal Mat is approximately 31” X 75”
    This mat folds up into 3 sections making for easy storage and easy transportation. It also comes with a free carrying case.
  • Every mat comes with our 1-year limited warranty.
  • We recommend placing a bed sheet or using disposable massage table covers to keep your mat clean and protect it from sweat stains. ( you can find them on
  • We have 660nm red light therapy as an added benefit for the body. Studies have shown the most effective wavelengths are between 633nm and 880nm. The LEDs used in LRX mats are at 660nm.
  • When using low levels LEDs this wavelength range is the most effective.
  • The ideal temperature on the mat is 50 Celsius.


Crystal Pillow

Electric Healing Stone Natural Amethyst Therapy Pillows Negative Ions

Features of Amethyst Crystal

  • Amethyst is a superconductive gemstone and generates its own small magnetic field which is beneficial to us similar to the benefits of PEMF therapy.
  • Infrared rays penetrate the body 6-8 inches to stimulate cellar metabolism and detoxification.
  • Induces Delta/Theta brain wave to promote deep relation, meditation and restorative sleep.
  • PEMF and Tens Thrapy is not to be used by someone that has a pacemaker or defibrillator.
  • Ideal temperature on the pillow is 50 celsius.
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